Wills and Power of Attorney in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Making sure that you are prepared for the future can give you and your family great peace of mind. We are experienced in preparing Wills, Power of Attorney and Living Wills.


We are committed to providing personal, professional, and high-quality services to each client, and we have a genuine concern for your well being. We prepare Wills on your behalf to ensure your intentions, wishes and desires are made known to the appropriate parties and carried out after you have passed. We will also help your heirs to avoid any conflict. We will advise you in various methods to protect your assets that you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Why do I need a Will?

A Will expresses one's desire to convey a gift of property or personal belongings at the time of death. You should take great care and thought in planning for the disposition of your property at the time of death and preparation of your Last Will and Testament. A Last Will and Testament is your final word to your family, friends, or charity. A Will represents the final distribution of your assets to your loved ones. In preparing a Will, you will need to address the following questions:
  • Who will receive your property?
  • How much of your property will a person receive?
  • How do you want to be buried?
  • Who do you want to raise your children in the event of your death?

Power of Attorney

There may come a time when you are not able to physically or mentally care for yourself or handle your affairs. When this occurs or even before this occurs, Stoddard Law Firm is here to assist you with establishing a Power of Attorney. It authorizes one person to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf, such as pay your bills, or run your business. Power of Attorney and guardianship decisions may not be limited to times when you are unable to make your own decisions. In fact, as long as there is someone you trust, it is usually a good idea to have such a document, regardless of your age, as having one can avoid significant legal difficulties should the unforeseen arise. We would be happy to discuss with you the pros and cons of having such a document, one important advantage of it being that it may avoid a future and far more complex guardianship proceeding, and the protections we can include within it.
Power of Attorney Form — Power of Attorney in Spartanburg, SC

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